"It's bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician."  ~Meryl Streep


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• Are you frustrated with your child’s school lunch program?
• Running out of ideas for healthy lunches to send to school?
• Looking for support from others who understand?

So were we… MOMS-I.N.C began with a vision borne from frustration. Like you, we felt our children’s school lunch choices were not very healthy. And every where we turned, it seemed as though we were fighting a battle to find healthy, more natural and less processed food, food not tainted with what we have named “The Fake Five”. These man-made additives are responsible for much of the country’s obesity crisis and play a major role in a host of other health problems.

Knowing that other moms felt the same frustration, and recognizing the power moms have as consumers, we decided to form a group to change the situation. We quickly discovered, however, that changing school lunches is not an easy process. Our experiences helped us develop a comprehensive program that you can use to help your school make the transition to healthier lunches a less daunting task.

As a member of MOMS-I.N.C you will have complete access to all our resources. You can also use the MOMS-I.N.C name to support your efforts. You are not alone. Together, we have the power, knowledge and passion to get healthy food back into our children’s lives.

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Healthy Recipes

Banana Smoothies!

Nutrition Tips

Pick Foods From the Outside Aisles of the Grocery Store!

Top Ten Ways to Help Children Develop Healthy Habits


Current Events & News.

Read the top nutrition stories that MOMS-I.N.C. wants you to know about.
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  • Environmental Weight Gain
  • Ban on sweets in school
  • Food Additives= Hyperactivity
  • All About YOU: Eat This First
  • Weed It and Reap
  • We're Drowning In Sugar!
  • Maryland eyes artificial food color ban
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